Give Your Guests a Unique Memorable Experience by Presenting Them each with a Giant Puzzle Piece.

They are Asked to Write a Blessing to You on the Back of the Puzzle Piece and then Assemble the Puzzle during the Reception.

You Take Home a Keepsake with All Their Blessings and Signatures to Assemble Again and Again.

"The Heart of Marriage is Memories ." -- Bill Cosby



Reception "Signatures" Puzzles





Just email a photo for a Wedding Reception "Signatures" Puzzle.  I'll make a large format puzzle with as many pieces as you need.  This one is 16"x20" with about 50 pieces, suitable for 75-80 guests. 

Some couples are expected to sign their piece together.  The average piece size is about 2.25"x 2.75", perfect for a heart felt Blessing and Signature. 

At the reception enlist the flower girls to pass out and collect the puzzle pieces after your guests have completed their task.

  Guests, eager to see the completed puzzle, can work on assembling the puzzle at a banquet table next to the cake. Unique and fun!

See the project page:
Project #0033


After aAssembly have a coordinator pick up the puzzle and turn it over so the guests can see all the notes on the back. It's like reading someone else's yearbook!


For the busy Bride this is one of the easiest wedding preparations. Just email a digital picture to me, I'll work up suggestions for size and email back my suggestions.

You get to see the final position and pose before I order the enlargement.

The puzzle is 20" x 24" and has 80 pieces for the 105 guests.

The Completed Puzzle is delivered in an attractive keepsake box for easy storage and safe keeping.





See the project page:
Project #0092






Additional photo editing was performed to soften a bright flash and warm up the image. 

A few stray fragments from scanning were edited out and the image was cropped and zoomed to remove the person on the right. 

This puzzle is 20" x 24" and has 90 pieces to serve about 120 guests.

See the project page:
Project #0070





Here's another example of a great picture turned into a Guest "Signatures" Puzzle.

Here the Puzzle is "under construction" on the Scroll Saw. Each Puzzle is hand cut according to the guest count and size.

The puzzle is 14" x 20" and has 54 pieces.





See the project page:
Project #0060




Turn one of your engagements pictures into a "Signatures" puzzle

This photo came from the couple's engagement photographer. Plan ahead and get permission from your photographer to send me the hi-res digital file.

The puzzle is 20" x 30" and has 100 pieces.

The Bride sent me a wonderful snapshot from the fun at the reception.

See more on the project page:
Project #0093


Collage "Signatures" Puzzle

Here's a wonderful example of a collage turned into a Guest "Signatures" Puzzle. What a great idea from the couple!

The puzzle is 16" x 24" and has 54 pieces for 80 guests.

The couple set up a date with a photographer friend to take the pictures. What a fun idea!

See the project page:
Project #0110










Two "Signatures" Puzzles for an Extra Special Event!

Here's a wonderful example using two 50 piece puzzles for twice the fun at the reception and two keepsakes to take home.

If your family is like mine it will be a competition to complete the puzzles at the reception.

The puzzles are 20" x 16" and 23" x 14" and have 50 pieces each.


See the project page:
Project #0126







Wedding Placecard "Signatures" Puzzles !!


"Signatures" Puzzles for Placecards !!!

How about a Puzzle Piece to direct your guests to their table?

Here's a wonderful example using (25) 10 piece puzzles for a 250 guest reception. Each guest finds their seat with a very curious start to the evening. They are asked to write a note to the couple on the back and display the completed puzzle at their table.

For this couple, 25 different pictures were used to maximize the fun.

The puzzles are approx. 6.5" x 9" and can fit into plastic sleeves held in a 3 Ring Binder for all the keepsake memories.

See the project page:
Project #0116