A Truly Memorable Gift Idea ...
Family Photos ...
Anniversary Photos ...
Wedding Photos ...

All make Wonderful Puzzles that are a delight to solve and will be treasured for years.

"If you come to a fork in the road, take it." -- Yogi Berra


Family Portraits

Here, the family wanted to get something special for Mom and Dad
"that already have everything".

A vintage wedding photo was enlarged to 8"x10" to make a puzzle with about 100 pieces. The piece size is about 1.25 pieces per sq in, just right for new wooden jigsaw puzzle solvers.


The Anniversary date, Aug 25th, was cut into the puzzle to personalize the gift for
Mom and Dad.

This puzzle was given after the one above and also was an enlargement to 8"x10" from the original smaller photo. I can remove a fair amount of dust and scratches from older photos when scanning them.

The children's initials are cut into their sweaters to personalize the gift to Mom and Dad. The puzzle has about 120 pieces, a little more challenging after Mom and Dad got accustomed to the 100 piece difficulty above.


Photos courtesy of T. MacDonald


Scenic Photos:

Jordon Pond, Jordon Trail, Southwest Harbor

Amateur Photographers, make your beautiful scenic shots into beautiful hand crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles.  These pictures were taken in Maine and would make stunning jigsaw puzzles.

Take your special vacation photographs and make them long lasting memories.   

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Langford

A example of a beautiful scenic shot.  This is Washington Brook from a scenic calendar.
The puzzle measures 10"x12" and is 167 pieces.


Nature and Wildlife Photos

Monarch and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly photos.  Very colorful puzzle subjects for the nature lover.



Photos courtesy of Jennifer Langford


Pets make great subjects for jigsaw puzzles.

This is a 4"x6" photo puzzle with a contour edge cut, 29 pieces. The original 4x6 photo was scanned. The image was zoomed and reprinted for the contour edge cut.

This was presented as a gift and was quite a surprise for the pet lover. They thought they were receiving a box of chocolates only to find that a mystery awaited them to discover what the image became as it was put together. Of course, they recognized their pets eyes but the challenge was compelling to solve the puzzle as everyone watched at the party.

This is 4"x6" photo puzzle with 30 pieces that has been contour cut around the cute little guy.

This is Pepe. He's a faithful companion and received top honors with a puzzle of his handsome self for his owner. This is a 5"x7" puzzle with 48 pieces.

This puzzle was given as a surprise to a proud dog owner. Roco has just been groomed and looks his best. The puzzle was made from a digital image and is 5"x7" and about 25 pieces.

This is a 4"x6" photo puzzle with a contour
edge cut , 27 pieces.

Here is the original digital image which had a
distracting background so the image
was zoomed, cropped, printed, laminated to the
plywood and cut out, as shown, on the right.


This photo needed a little cropping and zooming to create a fun puzzle from a memorable occasion.


See Project Log #0038 for the details how this puzzle was made. 

Ever receive a really great family picture from friends or relatives as a Photo Greeting Card? 

Ask the sender to email you the full resolution digital file, forward it to me for a surprise, one of a kind, 5x7 or 8x10 wooden jigsaw puzzle. 

See the Project Log for the details how this puzzle turned out.  Project #0044

These youngsters will make a fun surprise for a parent or grandparent puzzle lover. It's a 5" x 7" photo puzzle

See the Project Log for the details how this puzzle turned out.  Project #0049

This little Pirate loves to put puzzles together and will be surprised to see herself in the picture.

A special large format 11" x 16" puzzle with large 2" x 2" pieces was commissioned from a digital photo.  See the Project Page to see how it was made.   Project #0050



Check out for thousands of high res photos (scenic, nature, flowers, architecture, animals, still life, abstract, etc) for gift ideas. Just send me the title of the image. I'll have it professionally printed for your puzzle.