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Start by sending me an email with information about
what kind of puzzle you are interested in.

Many of the photo images on this web site are available in a variety of sizes.
Some of the Artwork images, I have duplicate source material for or
will be able to track down for you.  Just ask.

If you have a digital image, email it to me with the info
(as on the form below) and after reviewing it, I get back to you with suggestions
for your one-of-a-kind hand made wooden jigsaw puzzle.
(I may suggest things like cropping or zooming the image for a truley outstanding puzzle.)

If you aren't sure about your digital image suitability, I'll check it to make sure it can be
enlarged and printed with proper resolution. I can touch up photos that need a little editing for no extra cost.
I'll email or call you back with comments or suggestions before starting.




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(12/31/06) Give me about a week after I get all the inputs.
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Precision Puzzles will not reuse your personal information for any other purpose
than to create for you a most unique handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzle.

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