A Few EXAMPLES of Jigsaw Puzzle Ideas

Family Photos ...

Special Greeting Cards ...

Reproductions of Favorite Artwork ...

All make Wonderful Puzzles that are a delight to solve
and will be treasured for years.

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.
- Jonathan Swift


Vintage family photos make great jigsaw puzzles.  Dig out that family portrait from years ago!  I can digitize it and print it for a truly unique gift. 

This one came as a 5x7 and can be enlarged to 8x10 to make a puzzle with about 100 pieces.


Often a Greeting Card expresses just the right sentiment. They make excellent puzzles that take about 15 minutes to solve depending on puzzle piece size.
This one is approximately 5x7 and is 92 pieces.
The inside inscription page can be saved with the heartfelt message and a personal greeting.


The card can be trimmed slightly to fit back into the original envelope for delivery or boxed unassembled. When received unassembled, it's a bit more challenging and a curious surprise as the image is eventually revealed.

Holiday or Birthday Cards presented as a puzzle can truly be a delightful surprise. If you order early enough, I can delivery a dozen expressions of holiday or special occasion thoughtfulness.

Here, I took a dozen Thomas Kinkade Christmas cards for a unique card presentation with the included personalized inscription page included in the envelope.

Posters are a good source for large format puzzles.

This is from a poster of the German Castle called Neu Schwanstein.  The puzzle measures approx 24"x26" and is 705 pieces.


Choose your poster wisely.  There is quite a bit of similar blue in the sky and foreground of this image. Combining this with the number and size of pieces makes the solution take several hours.

Do you have a team that needs recognition for their hard work on a presentation or conference?

Make a memory of the event by using the announcement materials for an intriguing gift for each of the participants.

Another idea: 
Take your larger announcement materials or company logo for a large format puzzle (pieces approx 2"x3" or greater) and give one piece to each team member.  When the team gets together each member brings their piece and works together to complete the picture.

Do you have a family member in the military? Remind them that you are thankful for their service to our nation with a unique wooden jigsaw puzzle. Choose a service flag or emblem that represents their branch of service.
This is a post card sized puzzle and has 28 pieces,
approximately 2 pieces per sq in.

God Bless America and our Fighting Men and Women.

Here's a beauty.  This would make an interesting puzzle.

Another one for the Marines