Reproductions of Your Favorite Artwork
make Wonderful Jigsaw Puzzles

Choose a print from your favorite Artist or Image from,, or send me your favorite calendar or post card image. Art size up to 16" x 24". eBay is a great source for calendar art.

Because Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles are nostalgic in style themselves, many enjoy combining a cleverly crafted puzzle with a vintage style print.

"Whenever I lose something, it's always in the last place I look."

This greeting card was selected for the inspirational message it carries. The card front was laminated to the plywood and trimmed.
The puzzle was unassembled and boxed with the inside inscription placed in the top of the box over the pieces with a personal greeting. The puzzle measures approx 5" x 9" and is 57 pieces.

Another inspirational greeting card puzzle. It is 6.5" x 5" and 44 pieces. I have more of these if you like this image.

Many stores that sell CD's have cover art for the latest release of your favorite musicians. The image is 12"x12" and is 130 pieces and was a freebie at the local Christian bookstore.

Pick up a calendar of your favorite cars, animals, outdoor scenes, anything, and send me the image for a unique hand crafted jigsaw puzzle.

This stunning Bald Eagle image is from a Calendar collection of a variety of Eagles in flight and perched.  12"x12", 127 pcs.

See the Project Log for a few pictures how this puzzle was made. Project Log #0035

More Eagles:
4 Eagles Perched - 11"x12", 145 pcs.
2 Eagles in the Snow - 12"x12", 175 pcs.

"Doctor's Visit ", image taken from a Norman Rockwell calendar.
  It is approx. 9"x11" and is 130 pieces.

Lands of Enchantment

Pen Pals

More of Norman Rockwell's great work.

Here are a few more favorites that tured into fun puzzles.


Blank Canvas

8"x10" Calendar Picture - 97 pieces


A Greeting Card was used to make this 4" x 6", 47 piece puzzle. The wavy edge adds complexity and may take about 15 minutes to solve depending on puzzle piece size.

4" x 6.5" Greeting Card, 59 pieces for a special lady who loves Cardinals.


Thomas Kinkade has hundreds of inspirational prints that make stunning and beautiful puzzles. Send me your favorite Kinkade calendar image, Christmas card or collectors card for a beautiful wooden jigsaw puzzle.


This is a 4"x6" Christmas Card. The image is cut into a puzzle and the inscription page is left for you to write your greeting. The completed cards were placed back into the original envelopes.
What a unique Christmas card!

I love Norman Rockwell's depictions of American life, family and values. Rockwell calendars are abundant and are an endless source for jigsaw puzzles of this classic style. This puzzle is 9"x10" and has 81 pieces. It was presented to the School Principal to thank him for his work throughout the school year. He had never seen a hand crafted jigsaw puzzle and was delighted. His initials are cut into the puzzle near the door frame.

Do you think of friends or family when you see a humorous Norman Rockwell print? The recipient of the "Full Treatment" reminded the giver of her uncle. This puzzle is 7" x 9" and has 67 pieces. Again, a calendar of Rockwell images was the source for this puzzle.

These beautiful images came from a Collectable Art brochure.

If you love Lena Liu's hummingbirds , flowers or butterflies they make great puzzle subjects. A contour cut can really make it a challenge when first assembling the puzzle.

Check out these beautiful City Scape images
12x24 puzzles of these would be beautiful.