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"You can observe a lot by just watching." -- Yogi Berra



Mother's Day and Father's Day Puzzles




Presented for Mother's Day or Father's Day a card puzzle will bring a smile.

This Card artwork is called Mums for Mom and is 5"x7" and 92 pieces.


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image courtesy of Dee Kull



Getting Engaged?

Make it a special surprise with a custom jigsaw puzzle with a special "Will you Mary Me?" piece.

Here's the idea: Take a great picture of the the two of you and sent it to me for a special Proposal Puzzle, a medium sized puzzle that will take about 15 minutes to solve.

Plan a special evening together and present the unique gift. Without a picture of the completed puzzle it will add some anticipation until the pieces can be spread out and the puzzle solved.

The two of you work together on the puzzle but keep the "surprise" piece hidden until the puzzle is one piece from being solved and a search for the 'missing' piece ensues. During the initial assembly carelessly brush a few pieces to the floor to set up the special search to come a little later.

After an appropriate amount of time searching for the final piece, with one knee still on the floor, the missing piece is found, "Here it is!", with it's special message.

Here's Another Proposal Idea:

Select a classic Norman Rockwell or other favorite marriage theme artwork for the puzzle.  You select which puzzle piece on which to inscribe the "Big Question" in your own handwriting.
While the search for the missing piece is taking place, slip the special piece back into the box for it to be discovered by your 'soon to be' fiance. 

"Like the piece that was missing from this puzzle that now makes it complete ...." 
You can figure out the rest.


Here are a few ideas for engagement friendly artwork.

The Marriage License at www.rockwellclub.com

Kim Anderson's First Kiss
at www.posterservice.com

How about this one: www.morguefile.com/archive/?display=139356
The 'Special' piece can be cut with the two rings.  Your special question can be written on the back.


Retirement / Graduation
"Signatures" Puzzle

Send me a photo of your honored company employee or proud graduate.  Place the completed puzzle in view for the guests to see when arriving. 

Have a helper pass out the pieces to each table and announce that each puzzle piece is to be returned to the head table for one final homework assignment with an inscription for the Guest of Honor to read and assemble.

A larger puzzle size works well for this so each piece is large enough for the personal inscription. The puzzle piece count should be 60% to 85% of the guest count. Some couples will write a note together.

This piece is about 2"x2.5"

For those with a warped sense of humor check out:


Wedding Reception
"Signatures" Puzzle

Send me a proposal photo of the engaged couple for a wedding reception puzzle.  I'll make a large format puzzle.  This one is 16"x20" with about 50 pieces. 

The estimated guest count was about 80 with some couples signing together.  The average piece size was about 2.25"x 2.75", perfect for a short note. 

At the reception enlist the flower girls to pass out and collect the puzzle pieces after a heartfelt note is written on each.

  Guests, eager to see the completed puzzle, can work on the solution.

See the action at the reception on the project page:
Project #0033



Valentines Day /
Birthday / Anniversary Puzzles


Choose the perfect card for your honey, let me know any special features, and enjoy watching as the puzzle is completed.
After that, the rest is up to you!

Send Flowers or ...
Send a Special Flower puzzle with a special note.

See the Valentine's Day Puzzles
for more ideas





Teacher Thank You Puzzles.

Do you have an extra special teacher? Choose a classic Norman Rockwell image of the "Teacher Surprize" to make sure they know it.

Christmas Card Puzzles



Holiday or Birthday Cards presented as a puzzle can be a delightful surprise. If you order early enough, I can delivery dozens of expressions of holiday or special occasion thoughtfulness.

Another Thomas Kinkade Christmas Card with a few more detailed cut-out pieces. Buy a box of cards, send them to me in late October and you'll have a special surprise for friends and family.

Business Card Puzzles

Send me your favorite client's business card. He'll have it on his desk for everyone to see the next time you stop in. This one has 20 small pieces on the 1.75 " x 3.25" card.