Valentine's Day Puzzles



Send Flowers or ....

Choose her favorite flower for a unique
personalized message Valentine's Day puzzle




Flower Picture 1



Each of these Images is available for reproduction for a beautiful Valentine's Day Gift Puzzle


Here's all you need to do:

1) Pick an image here or email me your favorite "Couple" photo.

2) Pick some options:
  a) Choose a special message to place onto the image.
  b) Select a special cutout piece shape (heart, double heart)

3) I'll confirm with you the placement and look of the final design before starting.

4) I take care of reproduction/ enlargements and return a one-of a kind Valentine's Day memorable gift in about a week.

5) Order early before my schedule is full! Just $65.


The puzzle will have about 45 pieces and will be in a 6" x 8" size.   Remember to hide the last piece for a moment of surprise!


Flower Picture 2


Flower Picture 3


A few examples of how text can be added to your card.

Don't forget to remember anniversaries
with a special puzzle.



Flower Picture 4


Flower Picture 5



More Examples  



Flower Picture 6

Flower Picture 7



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Flower Picture 8

Flower Picture 9



Flower Picture 10



Flower Picture 11



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