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Project Log # 00033  - A Guest Signature Puzzle for a Unique and Memorable event at the Wedding Reception

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Starting on the Puzzle

The digital image received needed a little photo work to tone down a little shine on the forehead and a drooping tie problem.

Ordering the Print The 16x20 enlargement came back looking stunning.  It's on Photographic paper and has durable waterproof inks.  It was laminated to the plywood and the edges trimmed.  The wood on the back of the puzzle was sealed for better life and protection.  A few extra 4x6 prints were also ordered to serve as a guide for the younger folks assembling the puzzle.
Jigsaw Setup and Cutting

The puzzle cut style was arranged so that about 50 pieces would be created.  A grid pattern was selected for uniform piece size and orientation. This made the pieces an average of 2.25"x2.75" in size, perfect for a nice-sized personal note.

Rehearsal Dinner

The family had a few gift ideas for the engaged couple so one of the 4"x6" prints was made into a teaser puzzle to see how well the couple could work together.  The large "Guest Signatures Puzzle" was still a surprise for the couple tomorrow.

The Reception

The mixed pieces were placed in a large serving bowl along with a few colored pens.  A friend of the bride, took the pieces to the gathered attendees and explained their task.

Greetings Blessings and Signatures


This can be a little easier on your guests than
a video interview.



This youngster was eager to get the puzzle started as the pieces were completed.
His table was a little small so the puzzle was moved to a larger table that was a little easier to work on.


More help on the way

Additional puzzle masters saw what was happening and joined in.
But reading each inscription can slow your puzzle assembly down ......


Puzzle Team

Mission Complete

Close ups A few examples of some wonderful reminders for the Couple to treasure.


This one wins first prize for color creativity. 

The key to having a great life according to this young wisdom
is to include a kitten and a puppy in that life.


Completed Puzzle

Back side


A treasured collection of friends and family Blessings and Signatures

click for larger view

A few more pictures and
off to the honeymoon.


Some day ...  the children may enjoy putting the puzzle together.


It can be framed (use a plexiglas back) or kept boxed for safe keeping.

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