Precision Puzzles

Project Log # 00038

Received Image

Ordered two 5x7 enlargements from a digital camera image emailed to me.  Zoomed in to draw focus to the subjects of the photo.  Cancelled a little red eye.   This is the original image:

Ordered Prints

Two 5x7's were ordered with 1 hour processing for a quick turn around to get started before the season rush.  Two puzzles were requested, one for each family.  The cut will be different for each puzzle so don't mix up the pieces.  Some features will be similar; like I will cut around the faces for less distraction.


Puzzle Prep

Laminated the photo to the 1/4" birch plywood.  Sitting on the saw ready to go.

First Cuts

Started cutting the framework for the people.  This puzzle will have about 30 pieces so some color line cutting along the arms will add a little difficulty.  I can work in smaller sections now which makes the plywood movement a bit easier.   You can see the jigsaw blade mounted in the saw that is thin enough to cut and maneuver to make perfect-fit pieces for a nice tight fitting quality puzzle .


Finished 33 pieces ready to ship in time for Christmas.

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