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Project Log # 0110

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I received 6 superb digital images via email for a composite wedding reception Signatures Puzzle.  The images were placed amd sized over a background photo.   A photographer friend composed a 'date' photo shoot and took stunning photos of the couple, each of which would make a great enlargement or puzzle.  I took the images and arranged then with artistic license for the couple to review.  A few revisions passed back and forth via email and the final composite image was decided below.
The enlargement came back looking absolutely great! 

The puzzle was requested to have 54 pieces for 80 guests, with many expected to sign as a couple.  The standard 54 piece puzzle offerring is typically 16" x 20", however the size and shape of this puzzle work well to be approx 16" x 24" to hold the shape of the layout.  The nice result of this will be that the larger piece size will provide for more space for the blessings and notes on the back. The pieces would be approximately 2.6" x 2.7".


The Puzzle back is prepared for mounting.  The back is sealed for protection and to keep the signatures and notes from smudging into the open grain of the wood. The wood is 5 ply, 1/4" birch and is sturdy and firm to handle for the puzzlers. 


The photographic paper is durable, has long lasting inks and works well with the narrow saw blade. The photo is mounted and a protective finish was added. A little drying time and its ready to layout for cutting. 


4/6 The first guide pass cuts went very well.  The Puzzle will have a 9x6 matrix of cuts to produce 54 pieces.

The first pass cuts are complete.  Each guide pass section was subdivided into 3 columns each.  The 9 columns have tabs ready for the 6 rows.  The hard 5 ply birch has worn out a couple blades so far.


All Completed.  What a fun time this puzzle was; from layout to cutting, all went smoothly. 

4/7 Puzzle Back.  This is where all the special blessings and signatures will be. This is the part that makes me enjoy the hours of work so much; to know that it will be filled with heart felt notes captured during the cellebration from friends and family.
4/7 Close up of some of the scroll saw cuts.
4/7 Ready for delivery with a few teaser pieces on top.  A guide picture for the puzzle challenged is included above the dated, numbered, and signed label.
4/7 The decorative Keepsake Box.

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