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Project Log # 0126 and 0127

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I received a selection of outstanding digital images via email for two Wedding Reception Signatures Puzzles. The couple got engagend in a hot air balloon and the reception was aboard a boat. How fun! The guest count is about 100 and they decided to go with (2) 50 piece puzzles rather than a larger 100 piece puzzle; a great choice, because, how do you pick between these great shots?

Great color. Interesting composition (to say the least) make great puzzles. The enlargements came back looking absolutely great! 

The banner photo on the left looks good at 23 " x 14" to hold the shape of the layout. The photo on the right looks good zoomed and cropped at 20 " x 16 ". Both will be organized for 50 pieces. The large piece sizes will provide plenty of space for the blessings and notes on the back. The pieces would be approximately 6.4 sq in.


The plywood backs were prepared and sealed for protection and to keep the signatures and notes from smudging into the open grain of the wood. The wood is 5 ply, 1/4" birch and is sturdy and firm to handle for the puzzlers. 


The first pass cuts are complete.  The 10 columns have tabs ready for the 5 rows.  The hard 5 ply birch has worn out a couple blades so far.


Puzzle #1 Completed.  All went smoothly.  I kept thinking about the guests examining each colorful piece and wondering what the final picture would look like.



The decorative Keepsake Box with guide picture and label.


OK, Time to start on puzzle #2.

With 2 puzzles the couple will be able to enjoy putting 2 different puzzles together that won't take as long to assemble. 50 pieces is just about right.


Puzzle #2 Completed.  All went smoothly. 


Ready for delivery with a few teaser pieces on top.  A guide picture for the puzzle challenged is included above the dated, numbered, and signed label.


The decorative Keepsake Boxes ready for shipping. What a great project!

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